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View FrontPage Page history last edited by Dolores L. Garcia 1 week, 3 days ago Welcome to the UNM Family Medicine Residency Wiki Page

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VA Computer Codes Instructions

Step 3 Information

Applying for the Osteopathic Medical License

Want to do some FM Board Prep? Kill 2 birds with 1 stone: Work on a SAM(self-assessment module). They're free for residents and better board prep than studying past ITE's. You can work on your own pace, and you need to do 2 before graduating...

When you need help

PMP NM Board of Pharmacy - Prescription Monitoring Program Registration

Moonlighting Submission Form -https://app.smartsheet.com/b/form/20802937b8774a6c8014f5b459cc07b4

Rotation Info

Most of these rotations have defined learning objectives that we've placed on their respective pages. Here's another link to theAAFP's recommended learning objectives for various topics (if you're curious what AAFP thinks you're supposed to be learning)

Required Rotation Catalog (has links to the individual rotations)

Elective Catalog

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List of Most Used Links

*UNM FM COVID 19 Page*

General Residency Policies and Procedures(must be logged in)

Rotation Info

Required Rotation Catalog

Elective Listing

Annual Leave Policy

Intern Orientation Resources


Resident School

Current Year

2021-2022 Resident School Schedule

Previous Years

2020-2021 Resident School Schedule

2019-2020 Resident School Schedule

2018-2019 Resident School Schedule

Selected Resident School Video Recordings

IPS Resources

*Please see CoVID 19updates on IPS EducationConference Schedule*

FM Inpatient ServiceMain Page


FM IPSAdmitting List- July 2021

Adult FM-IM transfer protocol(updated 5/21/21)

Peds-FM transfer protocol

Geriatric Trauma Consultation Agreement

FM Peds Criteria July 2019.pdf

FM HP Form

MCH HP Form.pdf

Inpatient Education Conference Schedule

Clinical Learning in Practice (CLIPS)

Inpatient Orientation Page

UNM Documentation Tips

MCH Info

MCH Main Page(must login)

MCH Teaching Schedule

MCHIP Teaching Cases

MCH Documentation Guidelines and Note Templates (public)

MCH Clinical Guidelines2020 (must login)

MCH Clinical Forms(public)

MCH UNM Care Guidelines

Ambulatory Women's Health(must login)

Family Planning Resources (must login)

MCH Beta Book(must login)


MCH Public Page (public)

MCH Admitting Guidelines

MCH Newborn Care (must login)

MCH Patient Education (public)

MCH Fellowship

MBU COVID Resources

Intern Orientation Resources

Intern Orientation Resources

Educational Resources

Articles Page

Intro to Tech Talk (list of resources)

POCUS Resources

POCUS Teaching

POCUS Documentation

Patient Safety Forum

Population Health and Scholarship

Advisors Information Page

Web Clinical Resources for Providers(useful applications, websites)

Community Resources

Board Prep Resources

PA Student Rotation Page

Medical Calculators


Clinic/Clinic related

Southeast Heights Clinic Page

North Valley Clinic Page

One Hope Clinic

Dot Phrase Google sheet (from AFP articles)

UNMH websites

HSC Intranet

Antimicrobial Stewardship (must be on intranet)

UNMH Pharmacy Website (must be on intranet)

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