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keywords:dotless, braille, sighted, NUMBRL, Kobographs, Kobigraphs, DotlessBraille, ASCII braille
description:Ideas to help sighted persons learn braille.

Demystifying braille...

Check out our 5-minute introduction to braille! NEW June 2018!!! MML2Nem and BackNem 3.0. Free open source MathML to Nemeth braille math translator and free open source Nemeth braille math to MathML back translator. Contact info AT dotlessbraille.org for information. An introduction to NUBS, the latest version of the Nemeth code.Producing braille from Daisy 2012 Analysis of Information about UEB and Effect of UEB Adoption in the United StatesScreen captures showing the DotlessBraille font. In Memoriam: Eitan Gurari, 1947-2009
About Us

www.dotlessbraille.org is a non-commercial and commercial-freewebsite dedicated to demystifying braille, to presenting new ideasfor learning and presenting braille, and to advertising the need for open source developers to contribute to the development of free and open source braille software.

One goal of this website is to increase braille literacy by demystifying braille without oversimplifying it.

A second goalis to interest volunteersin developing free and open source software thatsupports braille literacy. If you are interested, please watch for thehighlighted areas and/or contact us directly.

This site is intended as braille resource for everyone from novice to expert, including print-disabled adults who are looking for a way to start learning about braille. The material here has been written by a sighted person; it is hoped that this perspective of a dot-challenged person will give braille-literate blind personssome useful insights into the difficulties that sighted persons encounterin learning braille.

Braille codes are systems for transcribing printed material to the dot-based symbols, known as braille cells, which are designed for tactile reading. Our philosophy is that it can often be simpler and faster to learn about the elegant braille systems before getting involved with the braille cells.

One of our new ideas is the DotlessBraille display method for braille transcriptions that is illustrated by this interlining sample which could be used in a children's book and by thesescreen captures. Our hope is that by alteringprint to represent braille in an equivalent but meaningful way we can reduce any tendencyon the part of sighted persons to want to alter braille merely for our own convenience.Sighted proofreading of DotlessBraille transcriptions could also ease the current shortage of braille proofreaders which is especially serious in technical areas.

Pages of special interest for parents Frequently Asked Questions Free Download: Braille Find-A-Cell Chart Guidelines for Vision Services Introduction to Braille The Parents' Page: Ideas by You Interlining SampleTips for Parents and Teachers

If you have feedback, questions or would like to volunteer, please write to us atinfo AT dotlessbraille.org. Also, please let us know of any accessibility problems with these pages.

This page was last updated June 25, 2018.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License.
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